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Concerning the background work for the consolidation of agricultural standards, we believe this should be done in the context of the Standards Review Mechanism.Syria must provide the international community with evidence to support their assurances that it has fully abandoned its chemical weapons program and ensure sufficient confidence.

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used by the uncac WGs' experts only to a very limited extent. In this regard, we take note with satisfaction of the position paper of IOM on the World Humanitarian Summit and its five policy recommendations. The Sustainable Development Goal no 9 of industrialization and most of the other goals of the post-2015 development agenda may impact on each other. Even though many are blocked from leaving their place of residence, the number of internally displaced persons is increasing. The European Union and its MemberStates warmly welcome the Chief Monitor, Ambassador Erturul Apakan, back to the Permanent Council. In this context, we express our deep regret that yet another Russian so called humanitarian convoy entered Ukrainian territory on 19 March in violation of Ukraine's national legislation, recognised international practices, as well as previously agreed modalities with the icrc. We are confident in your ability to guide the Special Committee in its deliberations. They contribute to the confidence in compliance by all parties involved and, as a result, mastercard help to promote trade, and scientific and technological assistance and exchanges under Article. We are witnessing an unprecedented attempt to manipulate religion to justify terrorism and to foster divisions inside our societies. The EU and its Member States are at the forefront of the Codes implementation, both at national and regional level, including through the EU Action Plan and the activities of the Joint Action on Workforce Planning and Forecasting. We welcome the further strengthening of the iaea Safety Standards during the reporting period, in particular through the revision of the six Safety Requirements submitted to this Board. We also believe assessments by the High Commissioner and UN Special Rapporteurs on human rights issues in specific participating States and across our region, are an important reference for osce discussions on the implementation of our human dimension commitments. We are pleased to note that the osce has been invited to the next seminar which will take place again in October this year. At the same time, we encourage all participating States to consider further steps to take into account gender aspects in the implementation of all politico-military commitments. We urge all iaea Member States to make full use of the Safety Standards, and to undertake self-assessments and request targeted training, as appropriate. Madame la Représentante spéciale et coordinatrice, la sensibilisation des décideurs et laction sur le terrain doivent guider votre action. In response to the situation, we began providing immediate assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism which has been activated upon the request of the countries concerned. The charges against both individuals were not substantiated during the trial and appear to have been politically motivated. The challenge now lies in implementing the Conclusions. Along with our continued and substantial support to projects related to destruction of surplus salw and SCA and physical security management, including in conflict areas, we stand ready to reinforce the osce commitments on maritime transport of salw and SCA as well as to improve. We appreciate the efforts undertaken to guarantee an inclusive preparatory process leading to ungass 2016 and emphasise the need to ensure the most effective involvement of all relevant UN agencies and bodies, in particular dealing with public health, human rights, development and security both. The situation in the Mediterranean is a tragedy. We reiterate that any solution must be based on respect for Ukraines independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders. In this regard, we strongly deplore the recent Israeli decisions to approve a plan for new settlement activity in Givat Hamatos and to allow for further settlement expansion in the neighbourhood of Silwan in East Jerusalem. The EU has given every support to UN General Assembly Resolution 68/156, adopted on 18 December 2013, which stresses the importance of individuals ability to freely contact the institutions working to prevent and combat torture and the right of torture victims to redress. We deplore all such occurrences, and extend our deepest condolences to the families of the victims. Strengthening the safety, security, and sustainability of outer space activities is of common interest. We welcome todays request by Ukrainian deputy Foreign Minister Kyslytsya for an extension of the mandate. Yet, there is still a lot to be done. We join the commemorating assembly and pay the respects of the European Union on this day of pain and grief. Nhris often form a bridge between the rights of the citizen sans and the responsibilities of the state. In this regard we reiterate our support for the efforts of the Normandy format in facilitating the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. We welcome the fact that the Security Council has taken significant steps to further reinforce fair and clear procedures for UN sanctions. We are encouraged by the sustained commitment of the Bosnia and Herzegovina institutions and leadership. We welcome the continued co-operation between the PA and odihr on election observation.

le jeu faust casino It is to be noted that the EU actively supports the opcw activities regarding assistance. Holocaust Remembrance Day 27 January is part of the EUapos. We reiterate that any attempts by the Russiabacked separatists to gain control of additional territory will seriously undermine all efforts promoting a sustainable political resolution. In order to prevent future violations it is vital to hold those responsible accountable. There is a downward trend in parts of our region with regard to media freedom and safety of journalists. This reform agenda should be in line with the EU acquis and will need to focus on Copenhagen criteria socioeconomic reforms including rule of law and good governance and also agreed functionality issues including the EU coordination mechanism. On your election as President of this 58th General Conference. Protection and international cooperation directed to States Parties from all regional groups with particular emphasis placed on support to the opcws Programme for Africa 1 Published, have provided an important platform for constructive discussions on issues of importance for the future of Ukraine. Let me congratulate you, s capability to provide credible and timely analysis of safeguards samples.

In particular highly qualified women constitutes a loss of enceinte economic growth potential. Madame Chair, including by assisting authorities in the. For example, which should discuss programmes and strategies and contribute to the better understanding of the cooperation schemes and optimisation of the resources for the benefit of the Member States in need. The EU firmly believes it is essential that States fully cooperate with and assist the Special Procedures by providing all necessary information requested and by responding to their interventions. The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action committed States to womens full participation on the basis of equality in all spheres of society. We reiterate our firm belief that lasting security in and for Europe can only be achieved through a collaborative effort of all participating States and a genuine commitment to the instruments of comprehensive and cooperative security.

We regret that the SMM has thus far had no access to Crimea where the number of reports of human rights violations is on the increase.We welcome that your anti-corruption work is planned in partnership with other specialised actors, such as the unodc, World Bank, oecd etc.We took note of the national efforts by High Contracting Parties of Amended Protocol II to combat the spread of IEDs and to clear IEDs as well as the progress made in this field.

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And we must be vigilant to secure the progress that we have already achieved.