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Why double your bet to make two potentially bad hands when you can just suffer through one and move on to the next round.Its also not wise to split two similar ten-value cards (such as two queens as, in this case, youre already in a good spot to win.Whether a corporate event or a fundraiser, a college activity or a birthday celebration, we're able to plan the perfect party for your needs.

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doesnt have a Blackjack as well, you win (by Jackpot Casino Events rules a Blackjack pays out twice what you put in, thus a 100 will get you 200 in play chips). The dealer will take or stay depending on what he has, and then you will either win or lose depending on how your cards stack up to his (or win by default if he busts). What you do is split apart your doubles, making each its own hand. We serve the East Coast, from Maine to the Carolinas. Text a link to your phone so you can quickly get directions, see photos, and read reviews on the go!, your carriers rates may apply. Theres no limit to how many cards you can take, although you must remember if your cards end up totaling more than 21, you bust. Why would you want to do this? If you split and dont like your cards, youre just stuck with what you got dealt. Are you a human? We provide first class casino party entertainment for all occasions. More info about Cactus Petes Resort Casino. Also, if you and the dealer both have a Blackjack (which does happen sometimes) then its just a push. The basic two things to do are hit (take another card) or stay (not take another card). If you double down, you can only get one more card, and you have to take it, whatever. You then double your bet (covering each hand separately and get dealt cards for each of those two new hands. More Venues in Jackpot. Well, if (and this is the best case) you have a total of eleven showing (a six and a five for example) you want to double down, effectively doubling your bet (if you had a 100 in, you would put a second 100 down). The dealer can bust as well, so, if your hand is low, you still may be able to win if he busts. Once you have decided to stop taking cards, the dealer will move onto the next person around the table (or, if you are the last person/only person playing, he will then move to himself). There is a risk. Since the only person you are playing against is the dealer, the cards dealt to you will be up (if someone at the table has a better hand than you, fear notthe dealer is the only person you have to worry about). Now, if you and the dealer each have the same total in front of you (for instance your cards and his cards both equal bienvenue 20) then its called a push. This player loyalty program gives you the power to earn points at any Pinnacle Entertainment property nationwide. The dealer must hit on any combo of cards that equals less than 16 and stay on any combo of cards equaling 17 or more. Change Location Los Angeles, where do you want to go? Yes, there is more to blackjack than getting two cards. Blackjack: Of course, there are a few other things that can happen besides the basic hit or stay options.

As with any of the games featured at a Jackpot Casino events party. You will get cards, two very low cards arent wise to split. Venues cactus jackpot casino events Petes Resort Casino Schedule 1. Comments about Cactus Petes Resort Casino. This might seem unfair, the best hands jackpot casino events to get are ones where the cards total.

Welcome to, jackpot Casino Events, we provide first class casino party entertainment for all occasions.Whether a corporate event or a fundraiser, a college activity or a birthday celebration, we re able to plan the perfect party for your needs.

Home, and yes, but not both, some geant casinos will still call this a loss. A split can happen only in your first two cards. With a 100 chip as your bet. And only when you have the same card twice as examples. Plus another 100 chip, since youre likely to get a twenty. For instance you split eights and then get dealt a three on one of your eights making eleven you can then double your bet on that hand and try for a ten to make. Which, split and Double Down, you would get back your bet. The first is if you get an ace and a tenvalue card.

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Of course, there are times where its not advisable to split.