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If a bet is a winner, the winnings will be posted to the credit balance and updated in the credits display upon selecting the next game or upon returning to the Lobby.1:1 The number on 2 of the dice will match the number bet.

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338 Suite A Dozen bet is a bet on one of twelve selected numbers winning. If the clear bets is left-clicked, then these bets will NOT be confirmed and NOT taken into the Players account. All other casino winning hands receive payout odds of 1 to 1 (even money). If the Player places bets that are lower than the minimum bet limitation and taps the confirm button, an alert window will appear to offer the Player two options: top up or cancel to return to the game. 5.6 Reshuffles The Operator reserves the rights to reshuffle the particular decks of cards if any human or non-human errors occur during cards shuffling. Any bets placed after the confirm button has been left-clicked but before the Betting Timer has expired must be followed by the confirm ADD button being left-clicked. If the ball comes to rest in any of these six numbers, this bet wins. Royal Suite 338 Suite A Straight-Up bet is a bet on one selected number winning. To place the same bet as made for the previous round, left click the repeat button. In the event of the dealers first card is an Ace hand, players will be offered to participate in Insurance Betting. 6:1 3 Dice Totalling 10 or 11 The sum of the numbers on all 3 dice will equal 10. At the Players discretion, the third and any additional cards can be drawn by the dealer to their hand(s). Below are a few examples of this equation. Players must address their complaint regarding the dispute within 24 hours after the dispute has occurred. The Player may take as few, or as many, cards as they desire (unless the Dealer has Blackjack or the Player has gone Bust). The Player can also bet on a tie. Each left-click will increase the bet value by one chip of the same value, up to the maximum bet for that table. 1:1 Odd The sum of the numbers on all 3 dice will be an odd number with the exception of triples (Triples lose). Selecting 1 Neighbours The player places Straight-Up bets on 3 different numbers. Players can check their own bet history in the Report section.

Table ID 10 Complaints If a Player wishes to make a complaint or dispute a game result. They must move the cursor back to the pictures of the chips at the lower right corner of the game window on the screen and leftclick on the new chip value that they want. S hand totals 6 or 7 the decision is to stand. A Bust Player hand loses automatically 26 Over a long period of time 265 of the total bets made 2 to 1 Third Dozen Covers numbers 2536. The horaire game is likely to average a return to the Player.

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Even Money offers the Player to claim the winning with 1 to 1 payout regardless of the House hands result 06 of the total bets made. Mobile Web Version is designed for optimised use on smartphones such as iPhone and Android phones 1 All other result Lose Payout Odds Payouts are determined at standard odds that you will find to be identical to those used in all of the major. Please follow the steps below, the Player may now leftclick on the chip to place an Insurance bet 1 3 Dice Totalling 8 or 13 The sum of the numbers on all 3 dice will equal 8 5 to 1, if dictated very by the drawing. Allowing users to connect to the online mobile betting service web and make fast transactions such as place bets and view account statement.

Example: The player selects 1 Neighbours bet on number.No additional cards will be drawn for each hand.

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If the ball comes to rest in any of these twelve numbers, this bet wins.