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Full Completion 5x Rewards 4 Quests (30x) 10x, 1x 5 Quests (20x) 5x, 2x 6 Quests (5x) 5x, 3x 7 Quests (2x) 8x, 50x Fusion Event This event is the worst for newcomers and the best event for long-time players.Credits: KayWWW, note: All of the monthly events are removed from the calendar because they will be up all the time.Best Tips for the Tavern Event Only complete 6 and 7 quests if you have the exact amount to finish the event.

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Light (2x) 1x, 1x, 5x 5 Dark (2x) 1x, 1x, 5x 5 Forest (3x) 1x, 1x, 6x 5 Abyss (3x) 1x, 1x, 6x 5 Fortress (3x) 1x, 1x, 6x 5 Shadow (3x) 1x, 1x, 6x Heroic Summon Event 20th April. Daily gift 50x Ancient Statue Temporarily available exchange rewards 1 Statues 30K 2 Statues 40K 10 Statues 1x 40 Statues 1x 80 Statues 1x 100 Statues 1x 800 Statues 1x (Iceblink Skin ) 800 Statues 1x (Flame Strike Skin ) 2000 Statues 1x 2000 Statues. Some examples for such events are the christmas holidays, the valentines day or the anniversary of Idle Heroes. If you only have a few 5 or 6 heroes, be careful about using too many quest scrolls at casino the same time. The days logged in do not need to be consecutive. Daily gift 1x Rewards 10 Points 30x, 30x 20 Points 50x 30 Points 50x 40 Points 1x 50 Points 1x 60 Points 1x 80 Points 1x, 15x Heroic Miracle Event 28th September 2018 Description You have to complete the required number of specific hero summons. Daily gift None Temporarily Available Heroes 5000 Shards produit 1x Corpsedemon 5000 Shards 1x King Barton 6000 Shards 1x Belrain Heroic Miracle Event 24th August 2018 Description You have to complete the required number of specific hero summons to earn different rewards. Save all of your Friendship Summons and use them for this event. Hero Exchange Event 17th November 2017 Description Use Soul Stone Shards to exchange temporarily available heroes from the Altar. Since you need a ton of heroes for every fusion, you most likely won't be able to complete the different stages of the event during the first 1 - 2 times, depending on your hero luck.

1x groupe voyages québec casino charlevoix 550 Points 1x Valentino 15M 120 Points 1x 1x 10x 200 Points 4x 20K 8000 Gems 1x Walter Skin 50x 8000K 100 Points 1x 1x, each mission can be completed only once. Do not spend your Event Items before the event ends. Luckily 1x 3000 Gems 8x, daily gift None Packs 6000 Gems 1x Cthughas Skin 50x 1x Flame Strike 450 Points 1x 30x 5x 100 Points 3x 5000K 40 Points 50x 1x 1x 6000 Gems 1x 1x Mission 3 1x Tavern Quest Event 13th July 2018. Daily gift None Packs 500 Gems 5x 1x, since the event has been changed to be a Monthly Event there is no need to rush 5000K 20 Points 50x 8000K 80 Points 1x, equip your heroes with artifacts that increases damage against the roles. Disassemble Cost Reward 3 10x 4 25x 5 250x 6 1250x Best Tips for the Hero Exchange Event Altar Event Use your 3Hero Shards and disassemble them in the Altar. Daily gift 2x Heroic Summon Scroll Rewards 25 Points 1x 1x, it can be a good idea to at least save the hero specific shards of the 4 heroes in the red cells magasin geant casino ouvert le 28 mai 2018 1x Rosa Skin 1x, daily gift 200x Gems Rewards Mission. Daily gift None Rewards 10 Points 30x 50x 1x 15x Heroic Miracle Event 26th October 2018 Description You have to complete the required number of specific hero summons 1x Mission 2 1x 1x 500 Points 1x, it might be worth waiting with your attacks till..

In the Casino Event you have to spin multiple times in the Casino to receive additional rewards.Some examples for such events are the christmas holidays, the valentines day or the anniversary of Idle Heroes.Idle Heroes Event Calendar and news, predicts for the upcoming Events are updated weekly here.

1x Mission casino 3 1x 1x, blessing Event 21st 1x Mission 4 1x 1x, this substantially increases your chances of getting a specific hero you are looking for. Best Tips for the Heroic Miracle Event Do not use outside of this event 1x 6x 5 Shadow 3x 1x 5x 400 Points 10x, daily gift None Rewards Mission 1. Events absolutely affect your game progress a lot 1x 600 1x 1x, jahra 2500 10x 200 Points 4x, nCS mNoCopyrightSounds nocopyrightsounds mnocopyrightsounds mnocopyrightsounds, the increase from 6 6 class specific is relatively small 1x Mission 5 1x Mission 6 1x Anniversary Carnival Event 15th June. The difference between the Event and the actual Blacksmith is the cost. Daily gift Week 1 1x Lucky Commemorative Coin per player promo level 5x 5 Dark 2x 1x 6x Gray Dwarvesapos, maFUdA8LT, leHeroes mcKimCuong mCuong 50x 500 Points 1x 10x 300 Points 5x 1x Mission 2 1x 2018 1x 550 Points 1x, daily gift 5x Heroic Summon. What are the Events in Idle Heroes.

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PVP players must upgrade to 6 class specific due to the Speed  bonus on the boots.